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TUF-Line shows its steel with 100% bio monofilament


Coming this year from TUF-Line is a monofilament that is made from a 100% biodegradable polymer.

The TUF-Line Biodegradable Monofilament also retains all its strength for a full year after spooling onto the reel. “When stored in its original unopened package it also has a shelf-life of more than five years,” says the company, which was acquired by Mustad from Western Filament in 2019. It adds that the line is designed to biodegrade within approximately seven years, returning to a harmless biomass with no harm to the environment.

Currently offered in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12lb test varieties in either 200-yard or 25-yard spools, it offers a variety of solutions for the environmentally-minded anglers. They include:
• Low visibility – designed with wary fish in mind, the TUF-Line Bio is offered in a low-vis material;
• Strength – pound-for-pound, it is as strong in tensile and knot strength as comparable monofilament lines;
• High Performance – stands up under high stress loads with elasticity and rebound similar to other high performance monofilaments;
• UV and abrasion resistant – built to withstand up to a year of abuse before needing to be replaced.

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