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Innovative lead-free Tassie Devil set to be unveiled at Australian show


As international demand grows for lead-free products, the team behind the Tasmanian Devil has been working on a core that can replicate and perform to the current lead specifications.

The little Tassie Devil appears at first glance to be the most basic of lures. In reality it is one of the most complicated baits that the company makes. Billy Parsons, General Manager at JM Gillies, which markets the Tasmanian Devil worldwide, said: “When demand and laws changed in Europe, it triggered the R&D team to get to work and try to provide an alternative to lead. More than three years later, the pursuit is over and a core replacement is ready for production amid strong international interest. Countries like Denmark have not been able to use or purchase Tassie Devils now for a number of years so it will be great to export to those markets again.

“Although in Australia we have no requirement currently for a lead substitute, it will be our great pleasure to launch this product at the national AFTA trade show and enter it in the prestigious John Dunphy Innovation Award. The lure will look, feel and perform exactly like the original. But in terms of development and innovation, the process and manufacture could not be further from it. In time, the investment into this new technology will most likely replace current lead core in Australia as we move towards a more green and responsible country.”

Pat Levy, owner of JM Gillies, added: “There is an expectation when exporting and manufacturing lures from a pristine environment like Tasmania to the rest of the world that we evolve and offer an option for more environmentally-friendly products.”

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