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Pure Fishing EMEA: ‘We are creating an experience for the shopper’


Pure Fishing has launched two new initiatives to support its retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The first is designed to improve the company’s in-store presence in key flagship stores around Europe, while the other is a roadshow style project that will tour retailers and events through this summer.

“One of the main goals set out by our Managing Director, Kjell Clefjord, during his first three months in the business was to improve our in-store presence in EMEA,” says Dave McCartney, EMEA Marketing Manager. “Phase one of this strategy is now underway in some stores around Europe that are large enough and have high footfall. We are creating an experience for the shopper that will educate them about our products, understand why they will help them catch more fish and give them confidence to buy.”

The initiative has started with a large new store called Effeklageret in Horsens on the east coast of Denmark, followed closely by Angeljoe in Wesel, Germany. The plan is to roll the concept out to ten more stores this year. “The beauty of the concept is that it’s modular and fits with each store,” explains McCartney. “It’s not a shop within a shop, which we know has failed in the past.

“All we ask is for the same space we normally have and the opportunity to present our products in a clear and concise way that makes it easy for the consumer to shop. The added bonus is that each new season we can swap out all graphics and change the assortment to showcase our hero product and it constantly looks new.”

Pure Fishing has not forgotten about its smaller stores and hopes to launch a more compact modular concept to these retailers in the back half of 2021. This will consist of a unit or units that will be adaptable to any assortment of Pure Fishing product that can be changed throughout the year. The promotion will also be adaptable by region and/or season. For example, for Nordic customers a storage box allows them to swap out their fishing assortment for skiing/hunting products in the winter.

Running in parallel with the in-store initiative is the Berkley Trailer Road Trip (above), launched as part of the brand’s support for retailers across Europe to help boost footfall after a challenging year of trading. The trailer will visit retailers and events across the summer to showcase new launches, host pro-staff workshops and offer promotions only available on the day. There will also be a raffle for €2,500 of Berkley tackle.

“We have offered the road trip promotion to our European customers who have open days or are still offering click and collect,” said McCartney. “Our trailer is fully COVID proof as it is classed as ‘outdoors.’”

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