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Energofish builds on eco-friendly offering with lead-free weights and natural baits


Since launching its biodegradable Benzar Jelly Bait in 2013, Hungarian-based Energofish has been increasing its array of green offerings to anglers across Europe.

The company’s Product Manager, Sándor Sujkó, told Angling International: “Last year we took a big step in introducing the ‘Go Green’ logo on our environmentally-friendly products, starting with a wide range of carp sinkers made of zinc which have proved popular with fishermen. As well as products we have introduced green packaging, abandoning the distribution of single-use plastic bags and replacing them with recycled fabric ones. We also introduced a new maggot box for anglers made of biodegradable plastic to replace what we had before, many of which ended up on the bottom of rivers and lakes for decades. We are now working on a number of different items including more lead-free weights, natural baits and bio plastic items.”

Sujkó added that it is the company’s responsibility to continue the ‘green’ quest and get anglers on board. “For us it is really important to take care of our waters and also encourage the younger generation. There are still many fishermen out there who don’t pay any attention to environmentally-friendly products. We need to change that mindset. It will be a long process, but if we invest now and continue this pioneering work it will be to the benefit of all concerned.”

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