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Frabill: ‘We are empowering anglers to practice safe catch-and-release’


The clue is in the name. Frabill’s Conservation Net series is specifically designed to protect sport fish during catch and release.

The US brand, now part of the Pure Fishing portfolio, has been producing nets dedicated to safe fish handling for ten years – the fish-friendly products becoming a favourite among consumers.  Although there are numerous options in the series, a flat bottom to support the fish evenly and avoid damage to fins and scales is common to all, as is an updated, stronger PowR Lok yoke for swift opening. No other net can be put into action faster, says the manufacturer. Rubber grip handles also feature across the series, along with two net types, tangle-free micromesh and clear rubber.

There are four models in the family with a slide handle, each with a teardrop-shaped hoop and a handle that slides to 36 inches. Mesh sizes ranges from a quarter inch to one inch in four different hoop sizes. When extra reach is needed the Conservation Telescopic Handle nets provide five models to choose from. The Conservation Ultralight model has a sliding handle and is easily stored inside the rod locker on most boats.

“Conservation is the future of fishing and Frabill empowers anglers to practice safe catch-and-release while protecting fish,” says the company.

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