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How a tackle visionary in the UK is creating a revolution in bait… and in sales


What bait has multiple applications, a long shelf life, is available in low minimum order quantities and can be supplied free of delivery charges to every retailer in Europe? David Preston (above), the man behind Fjuka, tells Angling International how his new bait is revolutionising the market.

“Fjuka 2in1 is the first hook-bait and feed all in one – well, since God invented the maggot,” says Preston, one of the industry’s great entrepreneurs. “In essence, it’s a maggot you can put on the shelf. After all, what is a maggot? It’s a bait you can simply put on a hook and throw some freebies in to attract the fish. Yes, you can combine maggots with groundbaits and other carriers, but ultimately an angler can go out with a few maggots and have a great time fishing. And that’s exactly the same as Fjuka 2in1 – it’s simple fishing.”

Fjuka 2in1 is a particle bait that can be hooked with ease and is cheap enough that a few can be thrown in to attract the fish. In other words, it hooks and feeds. “From the retailers’ point of view, it’s a maggot with mark-up that has a shelf life, and can be bought on-line and sent in the post,” adds Preston. “Ignoring the internet is like trying to stop the tide. Fjuka is designed to help all retailers embrace online selling.”

Due to the fact that Fjuka was designed around online sales and delivery, it made a big impact during the UK lockdowns. And it’s now starting to surge across Europe, says Preston. So not only is Fjuka bait itself different to anything that came before, it also presents new and large marketing and distribution opportunities that work brilliantly for retailers. Each product is designed and packaged around economic postal charges. This means retailers have the choice to sell it in store, or via their own website. It also means that Fjuka baits are ideal for selling to the retailers with no or low postal charges. “We are supporting retailers by making it easy and cheap for them to buy the product – and then extremely easy to sell. We can supply free of delivery charges to every retailer in Europe, with very low minimum order quantities,” says Preston.

Simplicity equals sales

Developing an angler-friendly product was clearly Preston’s key objective. And it looks like he has succeeded; with a bait that is simplicity itself. Fjuka 2in1 and his hookbait, Fjuka Neeonz (right), both go straight on the hook. No hair rigs or bands required. Fjuka’s potency, comes from an attractant called Sensate, a particularly effective combination of attractants that proved itself in rigorous field trials.

So you have a bait that can be hooked without additional tackle and can be fed without the need of extra attractants. This means a massive saving to the angler. Adds Preston: “At £1.99 in the UK, Fjuka 2in1 has to be one of the cheapest bait products available anywhere and Facebook is already full of anglers of all types having success on the bait. So it really is hard to see a downside.”

For more information about stocking Fjuka, email maaike@fjuka.com

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