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New tackle: Behr Angelsport powers on with tungsten


Tungsten products are becoming increasingly popular in all fields of fishing, and Behr Angelsport is paving the way.

With lead facing an uncertain future, the tackle trade has been continuing its search for viable environmentally-friendly alternatives. German tackle supplier Behr Angelsport says that it already has a lot of experience in that quest and its efforts have helped it to extend its range of tungsten products. This includes the TRENDEX® Tungsten Flex Heads which have been specially developed for bottom jigging, spinning or using a dropshot rig. Behr explains that they cause the movement of soft lures to be extremely lifelike and flexible. The metal clip inside the tungsten ball is easily removed to attach a flex head hook if required. The weight can also be changed during fishing. The TRENDEX® Tungsten Flex Heads are available in different weights and additional 3D eyes make it even more attractive to predators.

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