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Researcher finds US retail tackle sales increased by 55% in 2020


Retail fishing tackle sales in the US grew by 55% in 2020. The staggering increase is revealed in a new report from Southwick Associates, the research and economics specialist for the outdoor recreation markets.

Following fundamental changes in the volume and type of fishing products consumed in 2020, Southwick has released the report to help businesses understand the size of the $10 billion retail market. “Last year presented many business challenges that both spiked and suppressed sales,” said Nancy Bacon, Vice President at Southwick Associates. “COVID-19 and social issues drove demand to all-time highs. Simultaneously, the same factors resulted in depleted wholesale and retail inventories, closed factories, shortages of materials and backed-up ports, causing significant supply pressures. This new market size report is designed to help businesses better understand the new operating world.”

In response to factors including pandemic regulations, social unrest and political changes, demand reached unanticipated levels and created challenges no business expected at the start of the year. All major categories tracked by the Florida firm showed increases. Thirty-six categories are presented in the fishing report, with rods, reels and lines divided into freshwater and saltwater categories. Both retail unit and dollar sales estimates are provided.

Only equipment directly related with sportfishing is reported. Other items such as travel-related spending, real estate and vehicles are not included. The report is available from Southwick Associates for $3,500. A similar report on the $24 billion hunting and shooting equipment market is available at the same price. 

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