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EFTTA lobbyist urges EU suppliers to read UK guidelines before exporting bait


EU bait exporters and manufacturers have been urged to read UK guidelines regarding the ‘too complicated’ regulations on the movement of the product in the region.

The advice comes from Jan Kappel (above), EU lobbyist for the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA), the body that represents the industry. He has also held up the document as a possible template for improving and harmonising bait regulations between the UK and the EU as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Confusion has reigned on both sides of the English Channel since January 1st this year when the UK finally left the EU, leading Kappel to describe bait regulations as a ‘too complicated’ matter. He added: “One would expect uniform rules for the EU’s common market, but that is not the case. The industry knows only too well that bait is regulated differently in EU Member States. Despite EU legislation, countries can – and do – introduce rules of their own. An example of this is treating all fishing bait as animal feed, which EFTTA believes is overkill both with regard to the public health aspects and the accompanying bureaucratic nightmare for the trade.”

In December last year the UK issued an ‘Information Note’ with regard to the import of bait to the UK. Kappel said EFTTA encourages all interested parties to read it. “It’s a must read for UK for bait importers, but also contains relevant EU legislation. The whole note could serve as inspiration for further discussion within the trade as to what and how bait regulations can be improved and harmonised.”

The document can be accessed here

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