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Canoe brand Esquif casts out for dealers and distributors at its first-ever ICAST


Its groundbreaking and exclusive T-Formex material gives Esquif an edge when it comes to fishing canoes, says its International Sales Director, David Hadden (below) – and you can see why at next month’s ICAST.

What is the story about Esquif and its heritage? We turn 25 next year so have been around for a while. Jaques Chasse, the founder and President, could not find the perfect boat for his family and friends so he designed the Prèsage model, which is still available today. When Royalex, a traditional material made in the construction of canoes became unavailable in 2013 – a big deal for the company as 90% of its craft was made of it – he engineered T-Formex, a material exclusive to Esquif. What started as a passion to build the best and most durable canoes now has 25 models. Our current project is developing stern motorised models for fishing and hunting – all of which can be carried on the roof of a car and are powered by eight horsepower motors weighing less than 75lb. They can also be paddled.

What differentiates Esquif from other manufacturers? First and foremost we make canoes, and that is important because our designs can be used solely and also carry multiple persons. Using the canoe platform means it is light – therefore easier to carry and be transported on a car roof. The T-Formex material is far superior and lighter than the plastic in fishing kayaks. It is also less expensive and more durable. Another important fact about Esquif is that we are family-owned, meaning we spend less time in meetings and more listening to our customers and manufacturing innovative product.

Where are your main export markets? Canada, US, England, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia and Japan. Once we get production ramped up, we will be looking for additional dealers and distributors.

Why are you attending ICAST for the first time? If you are selling fishing boats you have to be at ICAST. I have been there for the last ten years and love the atmosphere, community and knowledge the attendees offer. We are excited to be there and our appointment list is growing faster than we expected. We know this will be a game-changer for us.

What can visitors expect from Esquif at ICAST? We will be showcasing our three best-selling square stern models and our Adirondack fishing canoe, which weighs just 40lb and retails at $1,119. We will also be showing some of our newest sporting marine and hunting camo colours.

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