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Calcutta Outdoors arrives at ICAST with ‘cleaner and easier to use’ trout paste


Calcutta Outdoors will be launching its first-ever trout paste at ICAST next month.

The company, which boasts a range of trout products in its Danielson brand, says that the three scents in the Chomp range – Garlic, Cheese and Shrimp – are proven to catch the species ‘wherever they roam’.

Ben Hayes, Calcutta Outdoors Senior Brand and Category Manager, told Angling International: “Chomp has the perfect consistency for moulding around hooks and casting without fearing that the bait will fly off. It is also light enough to float. It ships in a 2oz squeezable tube rather than a jar to allow the angler to use just enough to mould it around the hook without getting trout paste under fingernails. It is much cleaner and creates less waste.

“The snap-tight lid also keeps your bait secure and air away from the paste, reducing the rate of evaporation. Most anglers who use trout pastes dread the bottle they forgot to seal and a bait that has turned to stone. Our lid solves that problem. The squeeze bottle also allows you to use the entire tube of paste whereas jars inevitably leave bait in the corners that are difficult to remove and use.”

Chomp, which comes in six vibrant colours, joins a Danielson portfolio that includes spinners, spoons, hooks, snells, floats, creels and trout vests.

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