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New Products Special: Award-winning Relix takes its new lines to the max!


PT Central Sarana Pancing has picked up awards across the world for its Relix-branded lines. Distributors – take note of the latest launches; brands – be ready to talk about its OEM services.

The Indonesian-based tackle supplier has introduced to the market lines that include Perfect Fluorocarbon (main picture), Fluorocarbon and Max Fluorocarbon alongside its Deep Sea Jigging Fluorocarbon and Fluorocarbon Leader.

Relix Perfect Fluorocarbon

A fast-sinking line that is invisible under water and described as ‘absolute’ premium quality. It is said to be four times more abrasion resistant than common nylon monofilaments. It also has a very smooth surface, high strength and is softer than fluorocarbon lines which makes tying knots easier. Ideal for making stiff carp rigs, fly line leader tippets or leaders for predators that hunt in clear water. Relix says: “This is basically the best line in the world for any fish that you don’t want to see the line.”

Relix Fluorocarbon

Another best-value series of fluorocarbon from Relix. Invisible under water and affordable. It can be used on casting or spinning reels and boasts a good hook-setting power, abrasion resistance and knot strength.

Relix Max Fluorocarbon

Described as a new generation of fluorocarbon. With higher stretch, it has a shock leader that is designed to prevent line breakages and deliver improved abrasion resistance. As a 100% fluorocarbon, it is invisible in the water and has fast-sinking qualities. Available in 4lb to 50lb breaking strengths.

Relix Deep Sea Jigging Fluorocarbon

Deep sea leader designed for tough environments. It is a strong, tough, highly abrasion resistant invisible fluorocarbon leader that will help anglers catch more fish, says Relix.

Relix Fluorocarbon Leader Line

Used for a diverse range of leaders, it is invisible under water and extremely abrasion resistant, making it an ideal leader choice when fishing for all fresh and saltwater predators, including pike, muskie, yellowfin tuna and black or bluefin marlin. Also excellent for making catfish rigs.

PT Central Sarana Pancing has machines capable of making lines for its Relix brand and OEM customers.

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