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EAA introduces new-look as it celebrates over ten years of representing anglers


The European Anglers Alliance (EAA) is upgrading its image after more than a decade of representing the fishing community across the region.

“The EAA has developed enormously in recent years. After more than a decade, it was only logical to take this into account with modern branding,” said Fred Bloot, President of the EAA. “The core of the new logo puts the emphasis on eaa.”

“Nowadays a logo has to work across a broad scale. Social media plays as much of a role as position papers, presentations and classic correspondence,” said Miroslav Zaberl, the EAA’s Head of Communications. “Together with our design agency we had these considerations in our mindset. We are confident that the new logo will further strengthen the public perception of the EAA and support our development in terms of a powerful representation of interests. We will introduce the new logo from June 1st on all our documents and the website.”

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