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Black Magic puts on a show of strength with its XT lures for big battles


New Zealand-based Black Magic Tackle’s new XT range of game fishing lures boast near unbreakable, crack-resistant resin heads, that are able to withstand the high impact of tuna, marlin and tough fighting game fish.

The Flea XT (above) and Maggot XT (right) have already accounted for many southern bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and albacore.

The Maggot XT, introduced in early 2020, takes Black Magic’s famous Maggot lure to a whole new level. The ‘straight running’ cup-faced lure and weighted head means they run well in most sea conditions.

Replacing the original Flea lures in late 2020, the Flea XT’s increased diameter at the front of the head creates a bigger cup face and a reverse taper which intensifies the swimming action and smoke trail.

Both lures feature lumo or UV heads with reflective eyes and come in a wide range of colour combinations. Available unrigged or rigged with Black Magic’s 200lb Tough Trace and its Japanese-made stainless steel closed gape hooks, they are ready to troll.

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