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World renowned retailer commits to sustainable future


World renowned retailer Farlows has become a signatory of the Terra Carta, an initiative supporting and accelerating the world’s transition towards a sustainable future. 

The Terra Carta was recently launched by HRH The Prince of Wales, a long-time environmental campaigner, to put sustainability at the heart of the private sector. It provides an environmental roadmap for businesses to move towards an ambitious and sustainable future, and global value creation that puts nature, people and the planet at its heart.

“As a business which is largely dependent on the natural environment for its continuing commercial success, we have a duty of care for it and for safeguarding its well-being for future generations,” said Robin Philpott, CEO of the Farlows Group. 

“We are committed to encouraging our suppliers, customers and all business associates and stakeholders to do the same. By signing the Terra Carta we reaffirm this duty of care and commit our business to achieving our own environmental targets as part of the global drive towards greater sustainability.”

A statement from the company added: “We believe we have a responsibility for achieving the highest standards of environmental practice and for operating in a sustainable manner, whilst supporting all appropriate initiatives to further these aims. The Farlows Group is fully committed to a continual assessment of the social and environmental impacts of its operations and of the setting of objectives and targets to improve its performance.”

The 170-year old company is one of the few to be granted a Royal Warrant by The Prince of Wales. The warrant recognises the brand’s commitment to heritage and tradition, along with its reputation within the fly fishing and field sports industries over the past century.

Farlows’ flagship store is in Pall Mall, London. It also has stores in St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia.

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