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Keep America Fishing campaign takes on new focus


Keep America Fishing (KAF), the campaign designed to rid fisheries of litter, has been relaunched with a new focus and a brand new website.

The original campaign centred on the Pitch It initiative asking supporters to sign a pledge to dispose of soft plastic baits properly and not discard them in the water or on the bank. Now the emphasis has changed to educating anglers about how to keep soft plastic lures on the hook while fishing. Retaining lures on the hook and proper disposal of unwanted baits will help keep waters free of litter, says KAF.

The new website features videos from top pro anglers like Kevin VanDam, Brent Ehrler, John Crews and Mike Iaconelli sharing their own suggestions. New videos and content will be posted over the coming months.

“This is a great campaign to keep our waterways clean, even before you get on the boat,” says Daiwa pro Ehrler. “We all have to do our part.”

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