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How Maxel solved problem found on level wind reels


The new ARMORY 15 Round Profile reel solves the problems found in the level wind models on the market today, says manufacturer Maxel.

The Asian brand has made countless improvements, with a special focus on line guide strength and durability under heavy drag – and believes it has found the optimal solution. Level Plus+ combines a heavy-duty dual drag with a line retrieve system to produce a synchronised level wind function.

“The Armory 15 is constructed with heavy duty gears made from the most reliable materials with the line guide and the internal gears working in precise alignment so that retrieved line is distributed evenly across the width of the spool,” explains Sales Manager Frank Cheung.

“The accurate level wind system helps anglers work jigs more easily in any targeted water layer to increase the number of bites. And the proven technology used to perfect the lever dual drag system will greatly improve the chances of keeping hard fighting fish on the hook. These two features make this is the ultimate jigging reel.”

Maxel has further improved the drag system with the introduction of Sound Plus+, which generates a similar sound to spinning reels when line is being taken and the drag is set, but is silent when line is being retrieved.

Main Features

  • Precision machined, rigid, one-piece tempered aluminum frame
  • Super strong, cold forged aluminum shallow spool
  • Lever dual drag system with fine adjustment
  • Synchronised level wind system
  • Sound when line is going out, but silent on retrieve
  • Dual clutch bearing instant anti-reverse
  • Powerful carbon drag delivers wide, smooth range of performance, even when wet
  • Heavy duty anodising for protection against corrosion

Armory 15 Tech Spec

  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Ball bearings: 13+2
  • Line capacity: PE2/250m
  • Drag: Strike 5kg, Full 7kg
  • Line retrieve per crank: 83cm
  • Weight: 415g

WhatsApp: +86 136 02595578
Facebook: Maxel Fishing
Instagram: maxelglobal

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