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13 Fishing dares you to take a walk on the wild SLD!


Anglers can now adjust brakes on the fly with the newest baitcaster from 13 Fishing.

Showcasing the company’s unique flair for engineering gone wild, 13 Fishing’s best-selling Concept Z reel rocked the industry and raised the bar for innovation. Now, backed up by Rapala VMC, 13 Fishing is ready to take the world by storm with its newest game-changer – the Concept Z SLD.

”The Concept Z SLD showcases the level of bold innovation that our team is bringing to the sport,” says Matt Baldwin, 13 Fishing’s Director of Product Development. “In the Gen 1 design, we challenged the idea that reels need ball bearings to deliver elite performance. We wanted to take that innovation to the next level.”

And that is exactly what 13 Fishing did. Adds Baldwin: “The Concept Z SLD features a 20lb drag system with six-fold durability when compared to carbon fibre. We also developed a new 100% corrosion-proof cast iron carbon material to create a super-lightweight chassis.

“We’re extremely proud of this reel and all the boundary-pushing ideas and technologies stuffed into its sexy grey-and-orange frame,” Baldwin laughs. For 13 Fishing, the angler experience is paramount. It’s a bottom-up approach that has led to the development of the reel’s revolutionary SLIDE system.

Says Baldwin: “One of the most frequent questions we got was, when are we going to build an external, adjustable braking system. That set us on a path to analyse all the braking systems on the market. Quickly, we noticed that there was no system you could adjust without needing to pause fishing. So we set out to design a system that could be adjusted without any pauses between casts. In fact, the SLIDE system can be adjusted even during a cast!

“A product that’s bold, innovative and practical – for many companies, that could seem like a tall order. But when you are born with innovation in your DNA, that’s just another Tuesday! Anglers should make sure to remember the first time they use the SLIDE – their fingertips will be on an industry-changing feature.”


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