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French anglers take part in biggest demo in support of fishing


Anglers in France have taken part in what has been described as the biggest demonstration in support of the sport ever held in the country.

In the continuing battle against animal rights organisations, anglers were invited to take part in the event in Paris on Saturday May 22nd. Organised by J’aime La Pêche, the group says that the event was organised to counter actions by fanatics who have been ‘making a big noise’ and tarnishing the image of fishing.

The peaceful march was scheduled to start at 11am at Place Valhubert and follow a route alongside the River Seine while adhering to all health and safety protocols. Placards and T-shirts were arranged to be distributed to members of the crowd who were urged to ‘arm themselves’ with a fishing rod.

The group added that if animal right associations attempted to disrupt proceedings it would engage in ‘peaceful dialogue’. “Responding to provocation would only add water to their mill,” it said.

For more information go to www.jaimelapeche.fr

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