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Australian government releases 5,000 more yellowtail kingfish


The latest step in a stocking programme funded by Western Australia’s McGowan Government has proved a welcome stimulus for anglers and the tackle industry.

A batch of 5,000 juvenile yellowtail kingfish – a popular fish with the recreational fishing community – has been released off the Perth coastline. This week’s release, carried out by Fisheries Minister Don Punch and Recfishwest, is part of the Labour administration’s $6 million investment in initiatives including stocking programmes, the building of new artificial reefs and the growth of fishing tourism.

“So far more than 20,000 yellowtail kingfish have been released in Perth waters and many of today’s juveniles could grow to three kilogrammes within just 18 months,” said Punch. “Western Australians love their fishing and the industry supports local jobs while generating an estimated $2.4 billion a year for our State’s economy.”

The Government’s recreational fishing package includes a three-year commitment to barramundi, pink snapper and yellowtail kingfish stocking projects across Western Australia. The hardy, fast-growing yellowtail kingfish are favoured by anglers because of their speed, their sporting qualities and the challenging reef areas they inhabit. They can grow up to 60kg, with anything over 20kg considered a prize capture.

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