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Scientific Anglers takes another step towards sustainable packaging


US line brand Scientific Anglers has taken another step towards sustainable packaging by using its patent pending, single-piece, recyclable paper-board spools for fly line cartons.

The Michigan company moved away from plastic and polybag leader packaging when launching its Absolute Leader and Tippet range in 2020, transitioning to 100% biodegradable packaging for tapered leaders. The Orvis-owned company also introduced a bulk leader display to sell leaders without individual packaging.

Scientific Anglers points to the fact that traditional plastic fly line spools are often used once and then discarded or recycled, and that every plastic spool contains the same amount of plastic as two five-weight fly lines. By using paper-board spools, the company is eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic from the waste/recycle stream per year.

Single-piece design is also an improvement on plastic spools, which comprise two separate halves. The design prevents spool separation when spooling lines at high speed, avoiding massive tangles. And the square-shaped flange and paper-board surface also keep the line from slipping on the spool and over-running, which can also lead to tangles.

The new paper-board spools come into effect immediately as a running change. Any pre-existing inventory in the warehouse will continue to ship with plastic spools as Scientific Anglers fully transitions to the new spool design.

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