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Double hit! Sakura lives up to its reputation with two new lure launches


French predator brand Sakura can be relied upon to introduce plenty of new ideas to its range each season. And 2021 is no exception.

The Bordeaux business has new additions to its rod and reel offerings and, of course, the line-up of lures for which it is renowned. Two Sakura lures likely to catch the attention of retailers and consumers this year are the Slash Blade and the Sodium Eel.

The Slash Blade (main picture), recognisable for its flexible tail spinner, is Sakura’s version of the paddle shad and has been created especially for pike fishing. Manufactured to rigorous and innovative specifications, it is built around a realistic body moulded in a ‘safe’ PVC that is non-toxic and free of bisphenol A and phthalates. A 360-degree rotating treble Owner hook on the underside of the body is complemented by a single Owner hook on the spine to maximise hook-up efficiency. The Sakura Slash Blade comes in 12 colours and three sizes: 100mm / 21.5g; 125mm / 38.5g and 150mm /62g.

The Sodium Eel (above) is designed to perfectly imitate the prey of the sea bass, the sandeel, but is also known to be a favourite of all the marine predators along the Atlantic Coast. The addition of a jighead with a 3D eye adds to this soft lure’s lifelike appearance, and the slender BPA-free polymer body is armed with an anti-snag, offset hook. The pre-rigged, ready-to-fish Sodium Eel is available in four sizes: 110mm (7g); 140mm (14g); 165mm (21g) and 190mm (35g).


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