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Are you in yet? Angling International is creating the ‘trade event of the summer’


The Angling International June New Product Showcase is set to be ‘trade event of the summer’ following a huge response from brands from across the world.

More than 40 brands have already signed up for the Showcase, which has been created to provide an immediate and long-lasting platform for new products in print and online, with many more set to join in the coming weeks.

“It seems we have timed this Showcase perfectly for the trade,” says International Sales Director Rob Carter. “Since the surge in participation, brands have been focused on sales and supply issues. But now they are ready to secure long-term gains by presenting their new products to global customers. With no trade show in Europe and restricted travel generally, our Showcase is where the trade can make connections and drive new business.

“That was our intention when we introduced the idea, and suppliers clearly agree. I have been fielding calls and emails all week from companies enquiring about space, and from all over the world. The message now is, come join us. This is where the trade will be meeting in the summer.”

The Angling International June New Product Showcase will be a printed and mailed issue of the magazine focused on new product launches, filling the gap in the business calendar left by the cancellation of the EFTTEX show in Europe. All advertisers will gain extra exposure online via the Angling International website and social media.

“That’s the big difference this year,” says Carter. “The Angling International June issue has traditionally been our preview to the EFTTEX show and our biggest issue of the year. But since the lockdowns hit 12 months ago, we have made huge improvements to our digital platforms.

“The monthly output of the Angling International website is ten times that of any comparable global news website for the tackle trade, making it the go-to platform for professionals in our industry. Our weekly e-blasts ensure we maintain that traffic. Visiting the website is now a habit for thousands of potential B2B customers for our advertisers. We have also redesigned the magazine to be more digitally-friendly. The pages are visually strong and the messages about products more direct. They are getting results for our advertisers.”

Angling International has also invested in social media to appeal, for the very first time, to consumers around the world. “Our Facebook following has increased five-fold since the lockdowns and has been growing at 5,000-7,000 new followers a month since January,” adds Carter. “We have a dedicated social media editor and content from brands in every sector. The potential for Angling International to reach anglers around the world is huge. We will be hitting 75,000, maybe 100,000, by the end of the year. That means we are offering a gateway to anglers eager to hear about your new products from a trustworthy and independent news source.

“That option is open to all advertisers in the Angling International June New Product Showcase. We’ll work with you to sell to B2B customers and also introduce your products to consumers. In essence, Angling International is here to help you reach all potential customers, whoever and wherever they are – and however they prefer to read about your products, whether in print or online.

“By combining all our platforms, backed by the editorial and sales service that our customers have always relied upon, we believe we will create the trade event of the summer. Come join us.”

• The deadline for bookings for the Angling International June New Product Showcase is May 21st. But space is limited and selling fast. To ensure you have the space you need, enquire here as soon as possible

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