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Japanese rod maker sends out global message on its high-quality boron rods


For unique rods for big-fish battles, nothing beats boron. And the good news? A leading manufacturer is ready to supply new OEM customers.

Restaffine, the Japanese rod manufacturer, has been producing its unique composite carbon and glass rods with full-length boron mainly for the domestic market since 1975. The very high price of the material and involved technique to roll out on a mandrell makes it of limited appeal to many manufacturers to produce, but the results in performance are compelling.

Toby Hinoue, Restaffine Executive Manager/Designer. told Angling International: “Our production started with bass and trout fishing rods, but 12 years ago we started developing them for the saltwater market. There is no denying the excellent features of a full length boron rod, and it has been recognised for many fishing species and styles including big game, swordfish, amberjack and yellowtail as well as for jigging, slow jigging and squid fishing.

“The outstanding attribute of the full length boron rod is that – unlike conventional rods that stay hard and stiff – it is extremely durable and has the capacity to bend as it battles a big fish.”

Restaffine also provides an OEM service to customers across the world and is looking to develop that side of the business. “We have recently started working with companies in eastern Russia, Taiwan and Indonesia and we have the capacity to cooperate with other businesses and help them design their own boron rods. The company designs, makes the blanks and assembles everything in the factory so that we can control the final retail price. The end product is a unique rod.”

What to expect from a full length boron rod

  • Boron is a metal fibre that is as fine as hair
  • It is up to 25 times more expensive than carbon prepreg
  • Increases casting distance by up to 20%
  • Has a soft rod tip so the percentage of missed strikes is low
  • The jigging versions are ‘amazingly’ sensitive, allowing anglers to feel the tide, fish movement, bite and strike
  • Power of the boron fibre makes landing fish easier
  • Keeps control of a fish, ensuring it does not run unreasonable distances


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