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‘It’s at our core’: new report underlines Costa’s commitment to conservation


International eyewear brand Costa is celebrating more than 38 years of protecting the environment with the release of its first-ever Protect Report which highlights its achievements over three-plus decades.

These include supporting coastal communities, cleaning coastlines and waterways, eliminating single-use water bottles and much more. “Our efforts, alongside those of our partners, have protected our waterways and oceans with the goal of leaving these vital resources a healthier place for generation to come,” said TJ McMeniman, Vice President of Marketing at Costa.

“Conservation is at our core. We live to be on the water and want to make sure that opportunity is available for future generations. Much of the work highlighted in the Protect Report was made possible by the massive support from our community and partners. A big thank you goes out to our pros, retailers, partners, ambassadors and brand fans for all their hard work and support.”

Examples of Costa’s work include the 700 fishing guides and outfitters who have signed up to Costa’s Kick Plastic initiative. Through the programme Costa’s Kick Plastic Guides and Outfitters have eliminated more than 3.25 million single-use plastic water bottles.

Another company-led initiative, the OneCoast programme, helps rebuild communities affected by natural disasters through the purchase of OneCoast apparel, direct donations and volunteering.

In partnership with Bureo, Costa is up-cycling retired fishing nets from Chile and turning them into sunglass frames in the Untangled Collection. The programme supports a healthy ocean, brings awareness to the issue and provides a solution to keep discarded fishing nets from being lost in the water. Bureo is replicating its programme to a growing number of fishing communities throughout South America.

In addition to the Costa-led initiatives, the brand has developed meaningful partnerships with mission-aligned organisations across the world. IndiFly provides an economic opportunity to fishermen by developing sustainable fly fishing eco-tourism businesses around the world.

In the saltwater community, Costa works with partners like the Billfish Foundation and the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust to conserve and protect marine life. On the freshwater front, it works with organisations like American Rivers, a conservation group committed to creating a future of clean water and healthy rivers everywhere.

Costa also partners with national organisations like Casting for Recovery, a non-profit body that hosts free fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer.

“Costa has always been driven by a higher calling – to protect and preserve waters, beaches and coastal habitats that it calls home,” added McMeniman. “It has been leading the industry in its conservation initiatives for 38 years and is determined more than ever before to continue in its mission to protect and preserve and leave these vital resources a healthier place for generations to come.”

Initiatives led by Costa around the world have:

• Cleaned 85 beaches across the US
• Educated 100,000 youths on ethical angling and conservation
• Recycled 2.2 million pounds of fishing nets
• Removed 90 tons of rubbish from beaches and coastlines
• Eliminated three million-plus single-use water bottles
• Revitalised the eco-systems of two villages
• Donated $125,000 to rebuilding coastal communities impacted by natural disasters and COVID-19
• Supported all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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