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Fly fishing business appeals to industry to help fight counterfeiters


A small, family-owned fly fishing business is appealing to the industry to help prevent the growing problem of copying.

O’Pros, short for Outdoor Professionals, is based in Wisconsin, where it creates USA-made products including nets, rod holders, wading belts, patches and apparel. But its range is attracting the attention of overseas companies in the wrong way.

“As we continue to grow we are faced with different challenges,” says co-founder, David Jacobson. “Most recently, we are finding several overseas-made replicas. Companies are stealing our products, content, reviews and more to generate sales on their websites for knock-off products.”

O’Pros points out that the copyists are using paid ads to target their audience and are asking anyone who sees them to report them and/or the ad.

“If you could please share it with us via social media or email we would appreciate it,” adds O’Pros, which says it is working with legal council to tackle the problem.

Outdoor Professionals was co-founded in 2016 by three hockey playing brothers, David, Aaron and Mike Jacobson, from Janesville, Wisconsin, who turned to their passion for fishing as their hockey careers came to an end.

Pictured from left to right: Aaron, David and Mike Jacobson

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