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Westin reveals ‘Germany’s strongest sales and marketing team’


Westin, one of the industry’s best-known predator brands, has revealed what it calls ‘Germany’s strongest sales and marketing team’.

Dietmar Isaiasch, formerly Senior Business Manager with Zebco Europe, becomes Head of Sales in Germany and Austria and will front a new team that includes sales reps Dirk Süren and Philipp Teichert (below). 

The Joshinator, a popular social media influencer, is also joining the Danish company to boost its marketing efforts in Germany.

“We are thrilled to sign what we consider to be one of, if not the, strongest team in Germany,” said Westin CEO Thomas Eldor Petersen. “Germany is among the most important markets in Europe and a region where we see great potential for growth. 

“Our present team has been doing a fantastic job and showing some great sales numbers, but it is time to step it up a notch and put more boots on the ground – and we have found the right boots. 

“I have employed Dietmar previously and know what he can achieve. It would be an understatement to say I have high expectations of the new sales team. I have also known Joshi for years and enjoyed watching him grow on social media. I am sure his professional content will help Westin reach far and wide.” 

Isaiasch said he aims to take the brand to the very top of the German predator scene. “After a job that can best be described as office work the past four years, I am very happy to be able to live out my passion in marketing and sales again. I have many new product ideas.” 

The German-speaking Teichert has been with Westin for three years and will lead the company‘s pro team with Marketing Manager Andreas Aggerlund. “In addition to Joshi, who is a great influencer, we have also strengthened our pro team,” said Teichert. “Our anglers will be even more involved in social media work in the future.”

The Joshinator will use his YouTube and Instagram channels to exclusively promote Westin rods and baits.

The team is charged with growing the German market and, with backing from an already strong sales force, fast supply chain, strong marketing department and high-end product development, will make it easier for German customers to choose Westin, says the company. 

“The signing of Dietmar and Joshi will be a huge benefit for our future marketing activities in German-speaking markets,” said Andreas Aggerlund. “We have plans to scale up our social media activities. In 2021 and onwards we will participate in a lot of YouTube fishing competitions. Dietmar has a long track record as a competition angler and will play an important role in this, along with Philipp Teichert and our pro team.” 

Main picture: From left: Joshi, Dietmar Isaiasch and Dirk Süren.

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