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TUF-Line launches ‘no harm to environment’ Biodegradable


A biodegradable line is among two new products being launched this year by TUF-Line.

The TUF-Line Biodegradable is the first line to be made of materials that include sugar cane, corn, cassava or any cellulosic by-product. It contains no chemicals or plastic and has zero negative impact on the environment.

The development of Biodegradable is an important step in Mustad’s sustainability strategy which is aimed at sourcing 100% from renewable or recycled materials.

Jordan Davis, Mustad Americas President, told Angling International: “We are committed to being a leader in sustainability in the fishing industry and Biodegradable is a positive example of that.

“The line does not require any special treatments and can be disposed of with other organic waste materials in open air landfills. The material returns to a biomass in between seven to 10 years.

“In an open air environment – on a reel or in storage – the line shows no visible sign of deterioration for up to 18 months. After that degradation occurs. However, packaged in a sealed pouch the line has a seven-year shelf-life. 

“There is no loss of knot or line strength within 12 to 18 months on the reel, although we recommend anglers change their line every pre-season no matter the type of line to assure peak performance.”

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