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Aussie anglers to have their say on bowfishing for carp


As the fight to eradicate carp from their waterways continues, anglers in a region of Australia are being given their say on legalising bowfishing for the species.

The country’s premier magazine for the sport, Fishing World, reports that the New South Wales Government has opened up a consultation period, which runs until May 12th, on the subject. 

A successful 18-month trial of bowfishing for carp was undertaken in 2015 and 2016 and had shown the technique could be safe. 200 bowfishers took part in the programme and safely harvested more than 700 carp from waterways across the state. 

The trial and subsequent review identified that it was a safe and sustainable fishing technique. If legalised, there would be strict regulation of the activity to ensure safety is the number one priority. This includes how close bowfishers can be to people and public spaces.

Currently, bowfishing comes under the definition of spearfishing, which is prohibited in inland waters.

To assist with ongoing education and awareness around the rules and regulations governing the activity, a Bowfishing Guide would be developed by NSW DPI Fisheries and bow fishing stakeholders. Fisheries officers would regulate the activity with support from NSW police.

Picture: Fishing World

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