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Shimano’s sixth President reveals ‘urgent task’ for the next century


In its centenary year, Shimano has appointed the sixth president in its history. Taizo Shimano, formerly Senior Executive Vice President, has taken over the reins of the company from Yozo Shimano to steer the fishing tackle, bicycle components and rowing equipment supplier into its next century.

On taking up his appointment, Shimano said: “Looking towards the forthcoming century, I believe that it is an urgent task for Shimano to radically innovate its manufacturing systems and improve its business efficiency by thoroughly adopting digital technologies to establish a corporate structure capable of meeting the changing demand of customers.

“We are urged to respond to changing views about enjoying outdoor sports as well as changes in market trends and the buying behaviour of customers. These are being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the same time we must strive to create a sustainable society, adhering to our tagline ‘Closer to nature, closer to people’. Since our products are used for activities performed in natural settings, we are especially aware of our responsibility for protecting the natural environment. As well as that, we must also fulfil our responsibility as a global corporate citizen and contribute to local communities.

“In line with Shimano’s mission ‘To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us’, we will continue to develop captivating products that meet changing customer demands to help them lead healthy and enriched lives. We will also work to sustain Shimano as a value-creating company that creates new fishing and cycling cultures.”

Former President Yozo Shimano will carry out the role of Chairman and CEO. Taizo Shimano joined Shimano in 1991 and is the son of Keizo Shimano, who was the company’s top technician.

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