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Trust us on supply! Owner of Europe’s largest braid-making factory makes pledge to customers


In a world where sales are being determined by supply, German line specialist Ockert is a natural choice thanks to the sheer size and sophistication of its operation – and its location in the very heart of Europe.

The surge in participation in fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a godsend for the fishing tackle industry, but after years of being dominated by price it has reset the focus for suppliers on reliability. Lockdown restrictions and the huge demand for product across the globe has caused severe pressure on the supply chain – bumping up costs and causing lengthy delays in shipments.

It is a scenario that has made reliability key, and one company that is eager to emphasise that commitment to its customers is German-based Ockert, the OEM line manufacturer. The company owns the largest fishing braid-making factory in Europe and delivers direct to its customers from its central base in the region.

Ockert Export Manager Christian Rademann (left) told Angling International: “Our facilities in Germany and Hungary mean that our customers are assured of a quick, hugely flexible and reliable delivery of product. Being a reliable supplier has become a key factor more than ever before in these strange times. There are no issues with shortages of line. We have over 4,000 braiding machines running 24/7 and delivering 8-, 16-, 24- and 36-braids made from PE, Polyamide, Polyester, Kevlar, PTFE and many other materials.”

Ockert has been making fishing line for over 70 years and its proud history is reflected by a staff that includes many long-serving employees who are seasoned professionals in their trade. Delivering a service that can be relied upon runs deep within the company’s DNA. “Ockert has the most comprehensive choice of lines for predator, carp and coarse fishing, all made in Germany and delivered in sophisticated packaging,” added Rademann, who says that the company’s ‘profound and deep’ understanding of fishing really helps when developing line for OEM customers.

“Our fishing knowledge and input is invaluable, and when we say we are talking the language of our customers, we really are. Our people can converse in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian and German, which makes communication so much easier.”

Rademann accepts that Ockert’s line may not be the cheapest on the planet, but he points out that it is readily available. “Whilst margin has been the absolute priority over quality throughout recent decades we are now finding that availability has become essential. Empty shelves mean no business at all and consumers now accept higher costs especially in outdoors activities such as angling.”

In the production process, Ockert’s attention to detail and meticulous procedures are made possible because of the location of its manufacturing bases in Germany and Hungary. Rademann: “We control the entire production process. Being locally based gives us the ability to be hands-on.”

In a world where attention is increasingly being focused on the effect of manufacturing on the environment, Rademann said: “We have always been aware of our environmental responsibilities. Ockert is proud to be setting and defining standards in ecological sustainability and providing a product that is as green as it could possibly be. Fishing needs a healthy environment to thrive so we have a responsibility to nature and the future of our business to be as green as possible. It is part of our philosophy.”

Ockert’s ‘hugely technical’ manufacturing base is the only one in the world which uses a colouration and finishing process that has zero impact in the environment. The company can also offer biodegradable packaging solutions for its customers. “If you are looking for top quality braids, monos or fluorocarbons that can be delivered from a reliable supplier, you should look no further than Ockert,” added Rademann.


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