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New products: Award-winning Energofish baits are upgraded


The award-winning Benzar line-up of baits from Hungarian carp brand Energofish have been upgraded in time for the new season. Here’s a selection that are available in tackle stores across Europe now.

Benzar Mix Pro Corn Wafters

Modern hookbait with the benefit of natural corn and the attraction of advanced wafters.

  • Majority of ingredients corn derivatives
  • Work under water like wafter hookbaits
  • Elastic texture makes them easy to use with 10mm or 15mm bait spikes

Benzar Mix Concourse Wafters

Perfect hookbait for match method feeder fishing. Boasts a 6mm wafter in extremely bright colours – orange, yellow, pink and white – in popular flavours that include chocolate & orange, pineapple & n-butyric, strawberry & krill and coconut.

  • Quickly soluble
  • Work underwater like the most popular wafter hookbaits
  • Contain sweeteners for great taste as well as fragrance

Benzar Mix Bicolour Smoke Wafter Dumbells

These two-coloured hookbaits have been improved by being made soluble and smoked to make them even better for fishing in both commercial and natural waters.

  • Two colours and two flavours in one hookbait
  • One of the two colours is smoked, emitting the colour and flavour continuously
  • Work like the most popular wafters underwater
  • Easy to use with bait spikes or latest bait bands
  • Available in 10.8mm and 12.8mm
  • Seven colours – strawberry & honey (yellow & orange), mango & n-butyric (red & yellow), pineapple & n-butyric (yellow & orange), krill & belachan (blue & red), chocolate & orange (brown & orange) and squid & garlic (purple & yellow)

Benzar Mix Method Pillow

Carp can distinguish different shapes, but Method Pillows are a completely unknown to them – even on commercials – because these pop-up baits differ from the normal. This – and the extremely bright colours – make them a perfect hookbait for warm summer days.

  • Shaped like pillows
  • Come in ‘amazingly bright’ colours
  • Available in 7mm and 11 colours and flavours
  • Buoyancy makes them ideal for fishing at depth
  • Easy to use with bait spikes


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