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Top Australian fishing personalities front waterways litter campaign



Top Australian fishing personalities have joined a campaign to reduce the amount of litter in and around the country’s waterways.

The ReefClean Look after Your Tackle campaign is a joint initiative from OzFish, dedicated to the protection and restoration of fish habitat, and Tangaroa Blue, an organisation for the removal and prevention of marine debris.

Scott Hillier, from Channel 7’s Creek to Coast show, fishing ‘royalty’, Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling, Michael Guest, from Reel Action TV and Adam Royle, from the Australian National Sportfishing Association are among industry celebrities taking part.

They are taking to social media to challenge anglers to tie better knots that will reduce the amount of fishing line and tackle left in the water and on the bank. Anglers will be challenged to beat the knot tying times of their fishing favourites by using the hashtag #knowyourknots

“The challenge is a great way for fishers to start the conversation about litter in our waterways,” says OzFish Director of Habitat Programmes, Cassie Price. “We’re all getting better at responsible fishing practices and this is just another way we can protect our local waterways for better fishing experiences and for future generations.”

Tangaroa Blue CEO, Heidi Tait, said the campaign is designed to be fun as well as having a lasting environmental benefit, while  Steve Starling, an OzFish ambassador, fishing writer and media personality, added: “Tying strong, secure knots is a great way of minimising tackle loss. It’s a facet of fishing many anglers overlook. You really need to learn good knots and know how to tie them well.”

To take part in the challenge hashtag #KnowYourKnots or click here.

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