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Rapala unveils Sufix Recycline: ‘This is truly a remarkable step we have made’


Sufix, the fishing line brand owned by Rapala VMC, is launching the world’s first monofilament fishing line made entirely of recycled material.

The development of the groundbreaking 100% recycled Recycline Monofilament is a positive step towards realising Rapala VMC Corporation’s recently released sustainability strategy. In an industry-first partnership, the Italian synthetic fibers and polymers company known as Aquafil has agreed to an exclusive supply of Aquafil’s regenerated nylon product known as Econyl to Sufix for its fishing line manufacture.

Econyl is already used quite extensively in the fashion industry. It is a 100% regenerated nylon that’s made from a combination of waste products such as fishing nets pulled straight out of the ocean as well as industrial waste nylon and post-consumer nylon.

Photo: Lasse Simpanen

Taneli Väisänen, Rapala’s Research and Sustainability Manager, has told Angling International: “Recycline Monofilament took two years to develop and is a great example of our concrete efforts in becoming more sustainable. Our focus towards optimising production and product materials is one of the cornerstones of the group’s sustainability strategy. This is something that anglers can really get their hands on – great, high quality products that are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner while using the raw materials that support our efforts to provide great outdoor experiences in a greener environment.

“Developing products like Sufix Recycline Monofilament is never easy and this is truly a remarkable step we have made. There are many things you need to consider, starting with the acquisition of suitable raw materials. Rapala VMC is known for having high quality products and this is something that we will not compromise upon. Our highly skilled employees are up for the challenge to bring many greater sustainable products to the market to join Sufix Recycline Monofilament.

“We are extending our sustainability strategy to other business units step by step. As part of this process, we evaluate the products in great detail to see if there is anything we can do in order to make it greener.”

Enrico Ravenni, Rapala Executive Vice President, Head of APAC and Head of Global Rod, Reels and Lines, said that raw materials for Recycline Monofilament have been sourced from one of the only companies in Europe that are able to regenerate used nylon into a virtually brand new state. “We are always on the look-out for new technologies and opportunities and may have some good news on that front soon as we check out other recycled or natural materials,” he said.

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