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Rob Carter: In a year without EFTTEX, re-think your trade marketing with Angling International


It was with some sadness that we reported the cancellation of EFTTEX 2021 last week. It is clearly not ideal for exhibitors. But the good news is that Angling International is perfectly positioned to help you reach your B2B customers – not just in June when EFTTEX was due to take place, but for the whole of this year. 

Right now, we are making the following promise to all brands and OEM suppliers: You can re-think your trade marketing with Angling International quickly and at a low cost to your business

It starts with our digital magazine

Our digital platforms have been in place for 12 months. From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we recognised that cancelled shows would be a problem for suppliers. Not only that, but mailed magazines would be an inefficient means to reach your customers. We turned Angling International into a digital-only magazine, and this has ensured that your marketing messages can always reach your target customers around the world without interruption or delay. And better still, with no limits on space, we have been able to make an exceptional long-term commercial offer which can not be matched by any other trade publication: 50% more ad space at zero extra cost. There are no catches, we can now simply and consistently extend the amount of space dedicated to promoting your products, every month, throughout the entire year.

If you have already taken advantage of this offer, I would urge you to consider extending your advertising with us in 2021 to ensure there are no missed opportunities in a world without EFTTEX.

If you were waiting to see if EFTTEX would go ahead before making your marketing decisions, now is the time to act and make contact with us.

The advantages are clear

In 2021 Angling International offers you:

• Speed & reliability – You know from your own business that digital communication is the driver of commercial transactions now. Angling International matches that speed of communication with its monthly digital magazine delivered instantly to your target customers. We know from experience that a printed magazine can take up to three weeks to reach certain parts of the world. Print simply can not match digital for speed. Moreover, in a world where company offices are lying empty because of lockdown restrictions, and where magazines are likely lying in unopened piles of post, our digital magazine reaches readers whether they are at their desks or not. With Angling International your messages are being seen when you need them to be.

• Reach & cost savings – The reach of print magazines is restricted to whichever senior managers they are addressed to, and whichever colleagues they are passed to. Not so with digital. Angling International is available to anyone in the trade with an email address and a screen. Just imagine the extra reach for your marketing messages; and the extra influence you have over potential customers. Even better, it costs you less to secure that extra reach. Forward-thinking advertisers are already taking advantage of the new deal we offer; we would be delighted if you joined them. 

• Trust & stability – Angling International has been serving and supporting the trade for 15 years, with the same leadership; and, for ten years, with the same editorial team. No media team understands your marketing needs better or covers the trade’s news more closely. If you are seeking stability in a world of rapid change – and seeking a platform that is trusted by your customers worldwide – there is no better choice in 2021.

• More space & more often – This is our ace card. An unbeatable proposition. 2021 is the Year of Content. The demand for fishing tackle is growing. To take advantage, your products need to be seen, and seen again and again. And by as many customers as possible. And Angling International can ensure that happens for you:
– Every month in the pages of the digital magazine
– Every week on our website and weekly e-blast to the trade
– Every day on our new Facebook page where, for the first time, we also reach your angling customers

We are determined to support the trade in 2021, more than we ever have before. A European calendar without EFTTEX need not be problematic. A world switching more quickly to digital is one of opportunity not problems. Angling International has been your reliable media partner for many years, but with our extended platforms, smarter pricing and wider reach to the trade and consumers, we offer an even better service than before. Think beyond the trade show calendar and we will be delighted to help you promote your products and reach your sales goals in the next 12 months.

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