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Tackle giant joins Angling Trust and pledges to protect fishing and grow the sport


One of Europe’s leading tackle manufacturers has partnered with its home angling representative body in an agreement that will see it take an important role in conservation and angler recruitment.

Fox International, which sells over 3,000 products in more than 30 countries – including the USA, Russia and Japan – has linked up with the Angling Trust (AT)), the representative body for anglers in England and Wales, and will be playing an active role in the work of the organisation.

It will be getting involved in campaigns to protect waterways for the benefit of fish and fishing and growing the sport by encouraging more people to take up angling or fish more often.

Lewis Porter (pictured above), Group Marketing Manager at Fox International, said: “We have been sceptical of the AT in the past, but since Jamie Cook became CEO we have started to see all the good work it is doing. During the last 12 months of the Coronavirus pandemic, the way it has represented the pastime of angling, the fishermen themselves and the businesses that rely on the sport, has really brought home to us the important role it plays and the importance of having a strong voice in the future.

“What has also become clear is that its membership is way too small, given that over one million rod licences are sold each year. We need all anglers in the UK to pull together and support the Trust because it is our voice with national government and we really are stronger and more powerful the more members it has.

“We are delighted to have become a Trade Associate with the Angling Trust and look forward to working alongside it and many other tackle and bait manufacturers in the industry for many years to come to help improve a wide variety of aspects within angling.”

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust, added: “Anglers up and down the country know Fox International from its vast range of quality tackle and I am delighted it has agreed to support us as a Trade Associate.

“It is important for the AT to form strong links with all areas in angling and Fox International’s wealth of experience and knowledge, built up from over 50 years in the industry, can only benefit our work and help to protect and grow angling.

“Fox International is keen to support projects that help introduce the joys of angling to future generations and help protect our environment so that fish stocks can thrive in our waters. I am looking forward to working with it for years to come.”

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