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Diamond Sandeel proves to be a jewel for coastal sea trout fishing


A new tungsten-made lure that increases casting distance by more for 50% has become the talk of the coastal fishing scene in Denmark.

Designed and developed for sea trout fishing by Angling International’s correspondent for the region, Jens Bursell, for Zebco Europe brand, Rhino, the Diamond Sandeel is said to perform better than those of the same shape that are made of zinc or white metal.

Bursell said: “The density is more than 2.5 times higher than the usual materials used in traditional coastal lures so it’s not rocket science that they cast much further.

“This is a revolution for coastal anglers targeting sea trout and bass when they need to cast a good distance to get bites. They are also extremely lively in the water. A 28g version rotates on the spin-stop, while the smaller ones are more compact and act as a wriggling keel lure.”

Like many countries across the world, Bursell says that Denmark is experiencing a big increase in fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but suppliers have been unable to take full advantage of the boom because of supply chain issues.

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