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Svendsen Sport: This is digital to the max!


In a world where digital communication is now essential, Svendsen Sport’s Intelligent Partner Platform connects retailers to its brands like never before.

Svendsen Sport aims to be at the forefront when it comes to digital customer service. To succeed in that aim it has developed a new Partner Platform and webshop designed to further enhance its Preferred Partnership Strategy for retailers. The new platform, says Svendsen, delivers a user-friendly approach combined with full access to products, information on availability, personal account details and much more. Here, Jacob Vesterled (right), Svendsen Sport’s Head of Digital Business Development and Customer Service, explains more.

The need

Says Vesterled: “Times are changing and digitalisation is developing rapidly in all industries, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At Svendsen Sport we firmly believe in our digital strategy, and a key element of it is to have an attractive, convenient and accessible platform on which to present all our products and offerings to our thousands of partners in Europe. All our partners have different requirements and through our Partner Platform we can service them all and meet those needs. Delivering the Preferred Partnership Strategy requires development and we do that every day of the year.”

Innovative features

Innovation is one of the main drivers behind Svendsen’s ambition to be the Preferred Partner at all levels – innovation not only in product development, but also in providing the right services to its retail partners. The new Partner Platform is designed to service customers 24/7 and to be intuitive, informative and convenient for the user, says Vesterled. “Our goal is to be at the forefront of digital services to our partners and ensure full access to information relating to products, orders and account details at any given time.”

  • Thanks to intuitive order-matrixes for every product series, retail partners will be able to place any size of order – with full transparency on the product series, availability and pricing.
  • Thanks to ‘cutting-edge data integration’ Svendsen offers downloads of all the information and images of products in any basket order or favourite list. Adds Vesterled: “This will save vast amounts of time and will be of particular relevance to online partners or retailer who want to print product information in their stores.”
  • With a tailored customer dashboard, partners have an easy overview of all orders, account balances, special quotes/offers, multiple favourite lists and order drafts, all in one place.

Achieving the goal

Says Vesterled: “We have spent two years designing, developing and structuring all our master data and products. This starts from our new product development process and ends with us delivering a fully integrated online universe that provides our retail partners with access to all relevant information integrated with our logistics and operating systems. This way the platform is open 24/7-365 with live information on availability, order status and account balances.”

Benefit to retail partners

The key elements of the Partner Platform are accessibility, user-experience and transparency. Says Vesterled: “We believe that the strongest partnerships are built on trust and dedication. So we are always striving to provide an even better service to our thousands of dedicated partners. We know we have a lot of amazing products to offer – with even more being delivered in the coming years. The Partner Platform makes all this instantly available to all our partners at any given time.”

  • All brands and full assortments available and presented in an intuitive way.
  • Easily accessible and downloadable information and images on all products. Whether it is a single product, basket, order or draft, the information can be downloaded through the click of a button.
  • The ability to work on multiple order drafts – for different assortments, seasons or product categories.
  • Integrated sales module, where Svendsen’s sales reps can extend special offers and quotes for easy approval.
  • Bills can be settled online.
  • Order and invoice history.
  • Option to edit and re-order previous orders, saving time on creating from scratch.
  • Shipment and order tracking, from initial creation to delivery.

Background and ambition

Says Vesterled: “I have been part of Svendsen Sport for more than four years, working as part of the Executive Team and in daily collaboration with the CEO across all business units. With the position of Head of Digital Business Development and Customer Service, our digital strategy is the centre of attention. We dedicate ourselves to put online development and customer service at the forefront of Svendsen Sport’s priorities to meet market expectations and prove ourselves as the Preferred Partner to retailers at all levels. From this position I will strive to build even stronger relationships with all our partners, to secure our progress together in the coming years and make conductimg business with Svendsen Sport a preferred choice.”


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