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30×30 conservation initiative gathers momentum as signatories increase


The 30×30 initiative, launched with the goal of protecting 30% of the planet’s lands and waters by 2030, is gaining momentum.

Launched in the US last October, the coalition of hunting, fishing and conservation companies and organisations, now has 42 signatories. The network is intent on ensuring that the interests of sportsmen and women are incorporated into policies affecting area targets established by the United Nations Convention in Biodiversity (CBD).

New US President, Joe Biden, recently issued an Executive Order to federal agencies to develop recommendations on how the United States can achieve the 30×30 goals. In addition, U.S. elected officials at local, state and federal levels have announced efforts to establish or express support for the 30×30 Initiative.

To generate support from the hunting and fishing community, a Community Statement highlights five key areas that must be included in 30×30 policies:

• Recognition of the positive role that hunting and fishing play in conservation.

• Protected area definitions that allow for well-managed and sustainable wildlife-dependent activities.

• Consideration of existing protected areas and other management strategies that achieve biodiversity conservation in measuring progress toward goals.

• Science-based conservation measures developed through a stakeholder-driven process to address biodiversity threats.

• Clearly defined roles and authorities for the entities charged with carrying out the 30×30 initiative proposal.

In addition to the Community Statement, the coalition has established a website, HuntFish3030.com, to provide hunters and anglers with information and a petition allowing individuals to make their voices heard as elected officials consider policy proposals.

On a global level, more than 50 countries have come together under the banner of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People to meet the 30×30 target.

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