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World leader in marine electronics partners with FIPSAS


Italy’s top representative body for fishermen has signed a partnership agreement with one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine electronics.

Lowrance has become the official supplier/partner of the the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Under Water Activities (FIPSAS) with special emphasis on the country’s various boat fishing tournaments.

For over 60 years Lowrance – part of the Norwegian-based Navico Group – has been supplying cutting-edge technologies for anglers across the globe. In its new role it will offer a 10% discount on all its products to the 200,000 members of FIPSAS.

Roberto Sesenna, Navico Italia Country Manager, said: “We welcome this partnership with great enthusiasm. Being alongside the number one fishing federation in Italy is the best way for us to stay close to anglers and fishing professionals.”

Ugo Claudio Matteolli, President of FIPSAS, added: “We are truly happy and proud to have concluded this agreement with Navico regarding Lowrance’s products, a move that we are sure will be popular among our members who will be enthusiastic about the advantages they can obtain.

“It will also allow us to undertake a journey alongside a world leader in marine electronics, which is particularly important for all those who practice both sea and freshwater boat fishing.”

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