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Westin puts faith in new sizes as it chases extra sales in the global predator market


Will new sizes equal new sales? Don’t even doubt it, says lure specialist Westin as it tightens its grip on the global predator market. It latest creations take centre-stage of the Angling International February Soft Lures Special.

Magic Minnow Jig 42g/75g

Westin has added two new sizes to the bait that has taken the market by storm. The Magic Minnow is equally at home onshore or in a boat. It is best fished on a steady retrieve or jigging with the weedless design, prompting great action at all speeds. The unique rigging system is fast and easy, allowing the angler to change the body in seconds. The Magic Minnow is perfect for sea bass and other saltwater species.

  • Soft body ensures soft flexibility
  • Ultra-sharp wide gap and custom-made single hook
  • Easy and secure fast attach system
  • Weedless design
  • Can be fished fast and slow

ShadTeez Slim 12cm

This latest addition makes the family of this ‘legendary’ soft lure complete, says Westin. It boasts an enticing action that is effective at many different retrieve speeds. The smaller brother of the 22cm and 27cm versions, its size gives it more versatility. Hungry predators simple inhale the lure, says Westin, guaranteeing a hook-up. Rig it on a light jighead and a real stinger to ensure plenty of action.

  • Realistic eyes
  • Easy-action shadtail
  • Slim body with belly flash
  • Slots in back and belly for offset rigging

Stanley the Stickleback 9cm

A new bigger size that has been made in Westin’s new material free of toxic phthalates.The stickleback fish is a fatty and protein-packed snack of choice for a wide range of toothy predators. This soft lure is a 3D scan of the real thing and can be fished with ease in both salt and freshwater. Made from a super soft and flexible plastic, Stanley is just as at home on a light traditional jighead as he is on a dropshot rig. Predators of all shapes and sizes will be attracted to his erratic swimming action, paddletail, active eyes and hand-painted colour details.

  • Super soft flexibility
  • Active eyes
  • Easy-action paddletail
  • Hand-painted, detailed colours

BullTeez 9.5cm

A smaller version of the popular BullTeez, this is said to be the ultimate choice for predators like perch and zander. The shadtail creates a wriggling and belly-flashing action even at low speed. The BullTeez can easily be fished with shallow rigs right down in the depths with a regular jighead. For weedless presentation with a big offset hook, the BullTeez is equipped with slots on the belly and back.

  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Realistic eyes
  • Seductive action – even at slow speed
  • Slots in back for offset rigging


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