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UK ‘likely’ to follow EU proposal to restrict use of lead


The UK’s Angling Trades Association (ATA) has today responded to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) proposals to restrict the use of lead weights in fishing.

A statement signed by Association chairman, Andrew Race, says that much of the proposal put forward by ECHA follows the structure proposed by the ATA.

“There is some divergence in terms of initial scope and awareness, but that was to be expected as we have one standpoint and they have another,” says Race. Further submissions and discussions will take place before the final proposals are submitted and the ATA will be an integral part of that process.”

“We have to remember that lead reduction in the environment is fact. The UK will likely follow the REACH environmental programme even outside the EU. A phasing out of lead is an inevitability at some point.”

As reported by Angling International previously, the position of the ATA is to lobby for an effective transitional period that benefits both the industry, angling and the environment. 

“The timeframe set out by ECHA is in line with what we expected,” added Race. “However, some proposals are called in to question, especially around policing and awareness.”

“Our fear is that some elements of manufacture and import could either be driven underground or unaffected altogether, making some targets unachievable from a practical standpoint.”

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