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Big Rock award confirms winning culture of Z-Man StealthBlade


Even before celebrating its first birthday, the refined ChatterBait – a collaboration between Z-Man and Japan’s EverGreen International – the JackHammer StealthBlade had already established a winning culture.

At the 2020 ICAST – the world’s largest tackle trade show – the Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade won the Best Freshwater Lure and last month it picked up the same accolade at the Big Rock Sports Virtual Outdoor Expo.

“Z-Man continues to demonstrate leadership and innovation in both fresh and saltwater baits,” said Ryan Link, General Merchandise Manager for Big Rock. “Groundbreaking lures like the JackHammer StealthBlade certainly strengthen Z-Man’s reputation and significance with anglers across the US. We are honoured and excited to partner with Z-Man to bring this new product to market and we congratulate it on winning the award.”

“Winning ICAST meant a ton to Z-Man, but honestly, backing it up with the Big Rock award means even more,” said Z-Man National Sales Manager, Glenn Young. “It was voted for by people who will be selling the lure and using it. When they speak, their customers listen.

“And getting a vote of confidence from our dealers really confirms what we already knew – the StealthBlade is a unique, smartly designed bait that fills another important niche in the bladed jig category.”

“Anglers are beginning to realise that in a lot of situations, the StealthBlade rivals the fish-catching magnetism of the original ChatterBait JackHammer,” said Brett Hite, Z-Man pro and the brains behind both bladed jigs. “We have been putting up some huge numbers on the subtle StealthBlade lately. It’s a totally different animal to the original. As anglers learn where and when to throw it, I think we will see some big tournaments won with this bait.”

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