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How 13 Fishing’s remodelled reel has given it an extra edge


By reinventing an established favourite and launching despite the lockdowns, 13 Fishing beat its rivals to the punch in 2020.

It took a brave decision by 13 Fishing not to delay the launch of its Concept reel range in the middle of the COVID crisis – but it paid off in a big way. The second generation of the hugely popular reel – redesigned from the ground up – became the Florida company’s top sales performer for 2020.

“One of the reasons for such a strong run out of the gate was our team’s decision to be aggressive and to not delay the launch due to the pandemic,” says Matt Baldwin, 13’s Director of Product Development for the reel category. “We had a great product and we were inventory-ready when others weren’t. This resulted in strong product placement throughout our retailer network.”

Further evidence of fortune favouring the brave came in the depth of the upgrade. Changing what was already one of 13’s most successful reels was not without risk. And this was no cosmetic redesign, but a ground-up approach to improving everything that could be improved. “Our team took a deep dive into what made the Concept reels such a huge hit over the past seven years, while staying true to the DNA of the product,” added Baldwin.

“We treated the full redesign as an opportunity to refine each individual model with the perfect specifications and technologies. When you marry that philosophy with cutting-edge materials and innovative ideas you get a pretty special product line. We certainly think anglers are noticing that when they fish the all-new Concept Series of reels. The relaunch has been a huge success.”

Marketing Director Ben Alcocer agrees that the scale of the improvements has been recognised by consumers. “The upgrades we’ve made are really stand-out,” he says. “Being able to squeeze out 25lb of drag and increasing the already well known casting distance are just two of the features that single the new Concept out.”


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