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Denver only Fly Fishing Show event standing after latest cancellations


Two more of the six-strong series of Fly Fishing Shows in the US have been postponed, leaving Denver, as the only surviving venue for 2021.

The Marlborough, Edison and Atlanta shows had already fallen victim of the COVID pandemic, as reported here recently. Now the Pleasanton, California, event has been designated a vaccine distribution centre, ending any hope for a 2021 date, while restrictive attendance mandates have also forced the cancellation of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania fixture.

All of the main buildings and car park at Pleasanton’s Almeda County Fairgrounds will be taken over by emergency medical services until July 4. And in Lancaster, regulations permit only 463 attendees in the convention centre, which is way below the number attracted by the show.

“We have had no choice but to cancel for this year and look towards 2022,” said Ben Furimsky, President and CEO of the popular Fly Fishing Show series. Dates for the Denver show had already been rescheduled for April 30 to May 2 and the event is still on track for those dates, confirmed Furimsky.

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