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How new website is making fishing more accessible for Danes


A new website – www.fishingdenmark.info –  went live in Denmark this week designed to make fishing more accessible to both new and experienced anglers in the Scandinavian country.

“Many things are currently closed because of the COVID-19 crisis, but not nature,” said Rasmus Prehn, Denmark’s Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. “And that is why I am super happy that with the new website we can show the way to good fishing spots for both anglers, families with children and tourists so that we can all get out and enjoy some fresh air.”

The website is part of the National Strategy For Angling in Denmark, which was launched with funding from the Finance Act of 2018. Since its inception the Assens Municipality has been the driving force in ensuring the success of the scheme.

“The digital platform makes it more exciting to be an angler in Denmark because it helps to highlight the many inspiring opportunities and the many good waters we have in the country. At the same time, the site also shows how we can all take better care of our water nature,” said Arne Kvist Rønnest, Project Manager at Assens Municipality for the National Strategy For Angling.

In addition to the website, the strategy also includes the establishment of the Center for Coastal and Angling Tourism in Assens as well as a focus on encouraging women and families to take up the sport.

“Denmark has now got a new angling portal and we are happy about that,” said Lars Rasmussen, Director of the Danish Angling Association. “It is informative and provides a good overview of fishing opportunities in Denmark, while at the same time supporting our efforts to promote sustainable fishing and how to take care of fish. In addition, the site is also a recognition that fishing, anglers and related associations in Denmark play an important role both recreationally and socio-economically.”
Source: Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund

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