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Why Berkley staffer had special cause to celebrate personal best pike


Berkley Bait Product Manager, Simon Torenbeek, has boated a personal best pike – using a softbait that he designed himself.

Torenbeek could hardly have hoped for a better outcome when he tested a Berkley Sick Vamper bait during his latest fishing trip. The brown bleak version (below) from the range was taken by a specimen measuring 133cm.

“What a moment,” said Torenbeek. “I spotted a big symbol on the Fishfinder during an evening session and dropped the Vamper right on it. After a few seconds she swam straight up to  the bait and inhaled it. She was so strong. It was an insane fight.”

The new Sick softbait line-up, highlighted in Angling International’s ‘Best-sellers’ feature, incorporates Berkley’s PowerBait formula designed to make fish hold on for longer. The range also includes the Bug, Curl, Flanker, Vibe, and Swimmer designs, each of which are available in a wide selection of colours.

Torenbeek’s memorable experience was caught on video and can be seen here.

According to several weight-to-length scales consulted by Angling International, a 133cm pike would have a probable average weight of between 38lb and 58lb, depending on condition and proportions.

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