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Could you take on one of the coolest jobs in fishing?


It is being touted as one of the coolest jobs in fishing and involves working for one of the most exciting brands in the industry.

Svendsen Sport is once again strengthening its marketing organisation and is looking for a full-time marketer and content creator to grow the Savage Gear brand in Sweden.

For more than a decade the Copenhagen-based company has succeeded in growing and expanding the Savage Gear brand to become a leading player in the market for predator sport fishing equipment. It is established as a distinguished and innovative brand with a young and fresh attitude and products that have excited anglers across the world.

Even before the social media landscape became the primary marketing platform and playground within the industry, Savage Gear’s products and personalities appeared in videos and inspired excited anglers in many corners of the world.

With the employment of a new marketer and content creator for the Swedish market Savage Gear is powering up in the Nordic region and emphasising the importance of having a strong presence and persona to communicate locally. A professional angler targeting local species in local waters and communicating in local language.

Thomas Sanotra, Director of Product and Marketing, Svendsen Sport, said: “Our brands – Savage Gear in particular – are well represented by our strong organisation and network of consultants and pro-staff around the World. Our investment in a full-time angler and marketer is an example of our strategy of consistently providing the market with high quality, entertaining and informing content.  We know that anglers from country to country – even targeting the same species – have different preferences and methods applied to their fishing. Thus, our new colleague in Sweden will be a competent angler, but equally important a strong communicator on video and social media platforms. We believe that in the landscape of global media platforms local knowledge, local language, and a local hero is the key to success.   

About the job – rods and cameras are equally important!

• Full time angler and content creator

The successful candidate will:

• Travel around Sweden with rods and cameras in search of predators like pike, perch and zander;

• Play a key role in promoting new Savage Gear products;

• Manage and grow the Swedish Savage Gear SoMe channels;

• Create videos for Youtube and other content for digital platforms;

• Attend events and competitions to tell the story;

The job description is available here.  

•Work closely with local pro-staff teams.

The ideal candidate for the job might be employed within the industry, but is likely to be a full-blooded angler with strong communication skills and an already established status among fishermen in the social media landscape.

To apply for the job, the candidate is required to send a video representing his/her fishing technique, a product or telling a similar relevant story in front of the camera.

The job is promoted on Savage Gear SoMe Channelse on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuckYlw386E&feature=emb_logo

For further information please contact Brand Marketing Manager, Theis Frederik Gronemann (Tel. +45 2247 4087 /E: theis.gronemann@svendsen-sport.com).

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