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Tackle giant reintroduces petite SC Shad to US market


The Daiwa Corporation admits that the US market is overwhelmed with shad baits, many and varied imitations of that most abundant of bait fish. But that hasn’t stopped it from reintroducing its petite SC Shad.

And the Californian-based subsidiary of the Japanese tackle giant says you can trust it when it says it’s worth making space for in your tackle box. The new lure is, it insists, like no other shad-style crankbait.

Anglers will immediately appreciate the bait’s picture-perfect profile and signature wobble that make it a ‘dead ringer’ for the real thing, says Daiwa. While there are many alternatives on the market, none is capable of producing so many bites, it adds.

At two inches long and weighing 1/8-ounce, the SC Shad is designed to match adolescent shad that school up just below the surface. Hence the bait’s diving depth of one to two feet. An internal sound weight stabilises the bait and adds a sonic rhythm. In addition to largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, the lure is recommended for walleye, trout and panfish.

Colours available are Prism Shad, Rainbow Trout, Himenmasu, Crystal Black Pearl, Gold Orange and Bubble Gum.

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