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How Savage Gear is attacking the sea bass markets of UK and France


Savage Gear has teamed up with a well-known name on the sea fishing scene to make a splash on the bass market in the UK and France.

“We are fascinated by anglers and how they approach lure fishing around the globe,” said Savage Gear. “And that applies to those plying their trade in the sea bass sector in the UK and Ireland especially – an area we believe is ripe for us to develop in a meaningful and modern manner. That is why we partnered with Henry Gilbey. And with his input, we quickly set about identifying how Savage Gear and its unique ability in product development could best work within such a fast-changing marketplace. Innovation and rugged reliability in harsh saltwater conditions are absolute key.”

The first result of this collaboration was the Gravity Stick range of soft plastics (above). Designed around Savage Gear’s razor-sharp 6/0 weedless hooks, these lures can be fished through and over all types of terrain. The three models in the range – Pulsetail, Paddletail ad Pintail – give bass anglers enough subtle differences in swimming action to make vital adjustments for day or night fishing.

“We knew we were on the right track with the very first samples which delivered bass straight away when Henry first took them out,” added Savage Gear. “Numerous refinements and adjustments led to the finished article which is a lethally effective range of soft lures and hooks.”

Next on the agenda for Gilbey and Savage Gear designer Mads Grosell, was a new range of 30g, 35g and 40g Surf Seeker metal lures (main image) tailored specifically for bass anglers, using the best possible saltwater components in a selection of appropriate colours. Savage Gear added: “It does not stop there. We are currently working on several sea bass-related items of fishing tackle which will hit the market in due course.”

Gilbey said: “This is the first time I have ever been so heavily involved in helping to design specialist bass fishing tackle and it was an amazing experience. Working with Savage Gear was more than I ever hoped it would be. The highlight has to be catching my biggest ever sea bass on a Savage Gear Gravity Stick Paddletail – a lure that did not exist before Mads and I started working together.

“We are bringing bass fishing tackle to the market that I want to fish with and because it works for how and where we go fishing. Watch this space because I am currently working on some more amazing Savage Gear bass fishing tackle.”


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